Scripture Mastery

The ScriptuReference Scripture Mastery set includes the 100 scripture passages chosen by the Church Education System for emphasis in the seminary and institute programs. It is comprised of 25 passages from each of the standard works as studied in the 4 year curriculum cycle (the Pearl of Great Price is studied with the Old Testament) and generally represent the most familiar scriptures from each book. This is the best set to start with. Click here to see the list of included scriptures.

Book of Mormon

The ScriptuReference Book of Mormon set contains 100 of the best scriptures from the Book of Mormon that aren't a part of Scripture Mastery. The scriptures were selected based on their familiarity and value.
Click here to see list of included scriptures.



Missionary – future set

The Missionary set will include all 58 passages from the discussions plus inspiring scriptures for and about missionaries.

Make Your Own

You don't need to wait for ScriptuReference to make cards for the other scriptures that you would like to learn, you can make your own. I made hundreds of home-made scripture cards before and during my mission with 3x5 cards and a set of markers. I put the key words at the top, and wrote the reference in the center with a different color marker for each of the standard works. When I designed the ScriptuReference card template, I incorporated the mnemonic devices I'd found most helpful when I used my handmade cards.
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